Previously, Klein served as the Polling and Analytics Director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) during the 2014 midterm cycle, which saw Republicans recapture the Senate majority. In this capacity, he oversaw the committee’s opinion research, message & policy testing, and media tracking efforts, and worked with historical and predictive voter modeling analytics to aid data-driven decision making.

In 2012, Klein acted as the Deputy Polling Manager to the Romney Presidential Campaign and has previously advised dozens of Senate, Gubernatorial, and Congressional campaigns as a Project Director at Public Opinion Strategies. 

In between campaign seasons, Klein served as the Director of Research and Messaging at The Israel Project. Klein is also intimately familiar with Israel, having lived in Jerusalem for four years, serving in the IDF from 2003-2006 with the Golani Infantry Brigade - inspiring the company's logo and name from the unit symbol "Eitz Golani."

Nathan Klein

Lead Pollster & Founder

Klein leads the public opinion polling and research operation for Olive Tree Strategies. Klein has polled at every level of the American political system, and has conducted qualitative and quantitative research on five continents. In the January 2015 issue of Fortune Magazine, Nathan Klein was named as the Pollster on the “Campaign Dream Team” of “up-and-coming talents you want to know.”